Connecting pharmacies when it matters most

By bringing “borrow and loan” online, 

B&L Exchange helps hospital pharmacies mitigate COVID-19 drug shortages.

Join today and find the products you need — or post the ones you can spare.

Why B&L Exchange?


All pharmacies and health systems are registered and verified before accessing the marketplace


T3 documentation and “emergent patient need” designations can be integrated within the transaction


Transfer documentation for every transaction, both inbound and outbound, is automatically provided

How does it work?

Post or search for products 

Once verified, search the listings or post your available products directly on the exchange

Connect with other hospitals

Pharmacies coordinate the transfer offline via phone or through the

email attached to the listing

Document the transfer

Use our Transfer Document Generator when your product is ready to be shipped (T3 information can be included)

Join the community and help mitigate Covid-19 impacted drug shortages within your community and beyond.

A big thanks to our partner for supporting this initiative